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Pat Friesen & Company, LLC
What do you want your copy and content to do? Generate web traffic? Sell on the spot? Identify qualified leads? Solidify customer relationships? Encourage sharing?

As a writer/creative strategist with 30+ years of experience, Pat Friesen writes content and copy that generate clicks, calls, visits, and direct mail response. Her clients include successful B2B and B2C marketers that value Pat's attention to details, deadlines and achieving results. In her clients words, Pat's writing is on target energetic, intelligent, articulate fresh, creative, compelling crisp, well-written, following tried and true principles that work!

Pat is also a nationally sought-after speaker, workshop leader, and copy coach. Her column Message & Media is featured regularly in Target Marketing Magazine. Her career includes:

Controls with a 20+ year track record
DMA Gold Echo & KCDMA Gold Ambit Awards
Kansas City Direct Marketing Association Past President
KCDMA Direct Marketer of the Year
Women s Direct Response Group of New York Honoree
Curriculum development and teaching of DM Basics nationwide

Call or email for references.Visit to learn more about Pat's control-beating copywriting for email, direct mail, websites, digital media, blogs and space ads. For how-to tips, browse her library of articles and follow her blog WordChocolate (by Pat Friesen).


For over a decade, when it has to be right, I�ve insisted on Pat Friesen & Company, LLC. I�ve found Pat�s breadth of experience, wealth of knowledge, and strategic insights to be unparalleled in the industry. Whether the campaign is print, digital, B2C, or B2B, Pat approaches each project with the versatility required by each medium. Most importantly, her creative thinking and inquisitive nature enable her to leverage years of experience into creative and strategic insights, nuances, and details that go unnoticed by most. Her exceptional professionalism and warm demeanor enable her to deliver projects on time and within budget, all while making the process enjoyable. Pat gets my highest recommendation!


Pat is our "go to" person for our monthly blogs and other deep writing projects. She's very quick in picking up how we position our unique brand and the way we want to talk to our customers. We enjoy working with her because it is always a collaboration. We tell her what we need to accomplish and then the ideas and recommendations flow. She's always on time and on budget too.


I've had the honor of knowing and working with Pat for 25 years. You will be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated strategic copywriter who truly understands the art of direct response. Her experience is far-reaching in terms of the industries served but also her understanding of how to create response-driving messaging and strategies for multiple channels; both in print and online. Working with Pat is a delight! She's an incredible communicator, never misses a deadline and most important, her enthusiasm and creative-thinking is infectious in every collaborative situation. Pat is a recognized and authored expert in our industry who selflessly shares and promotes new thinking. If you are looking for fresh ideas, content or strategy ... Pat is your answer.